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Thursday, June 1, 2017


I have salads for lunch every day and still not losing weight, what am I doing wrong?

First of all, you should not have the same thing for lunch every day. In the same way you change your exercise routine to challenge different muscles and keep yourself from getting bored, you should do the same with your meals. In fact, doing so helps keep your metabolism in high gear.

And just because a meal has the word salad in it, it doesn’t automatically make it a healthy or low-calorie choice. To figure out how your salad ranks, start by taking an inventory of what you’ve put in your bowl: what kinds of toppings, how much dressing, and how big is it? A good rule to follow when eating a salad is to stay away from iceberg lettuce, which has very few (if any) nutrients and fiber. Instead, use more nutritious greens, like kale, spinach, romaine, arugula, or mesclun. Fill your salad with unlimited veggies, but avoid peas and corn, as those tend to be starchy. Watch the extras such as cheese, nuts, seeds, crunchy things (like wontons, noodles, croutons, bacon bits) and dried fruits (raisins, craisins). Choose a lean protein, like grilled chicken, shrimp, turkey, tofu, eggs, or salmon, and avoid fried, breaded, and processed meats. Get a full-fat dressing (you need fat to absorb the most nutrients) on the side and stick to two tablespoons or less.

-By Eat This Not That

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